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ready to rumble once you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news this morning. they're getting ready to rumble again. how mitt romney and president obama are getting ready for a second debate. a town hall style forum on tuesday. the giants are gearing up for the national league championship series. >> back in the bay area, starting out with foggy skies. in the meantime, getting over to phil and ann. >> it's 7:30, sunday, the 14th of october. >> we have a lot of news and talk to cover in our next hour. of course, we're going have the elections. >> the debates. >> we have the chairman of the republican party and willie
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brown in studio. it's going to to be a lively discussion. >> the sports front as well. we're looking at that. we have the 49ers in town. it's pretty busy. the top of the news, president obama and mitt romney are g earing up for their second debate. >> mr. obama is preparing in virginia while mitt romney plans to practice in boston. we have the latest on the race. >> reporter: paul ryan tailgated with football fans in ohio while mitt romney rallied supporters. the team fanned out across the key battleground states. >> if we get ohio, we'll take back america. >> reporter: the stakes are h
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igh, no republican has won the white house without a victory in ohio. at a rally in port smith, he says he sees the enthusiasm g rowing. >> i will get good jobs for every american. >> reporter: they say it's the number one issue in the selection. >> i bet on workers and three years later, that bet is paying off in a big way. the decision to bail out saves jobs. together creating 1/4 of a million new jobs. >> he arrived and announced a fund-raising milestone. they say 4 million people have donated money for president obama's re-election bid. the president will spend the next few days at a resort in williamsburg. the first match up gave him a boost. national polls shows it's now a
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dead heat. he has pledged to be more aggressive and that's cbs news. you can watch tuesday n ight's second debate here on c bs 5 coverage. it begins at 6:00. it will be a town hall format. >> and be sure to catch face the nation with bob coming up in a little less than an hour from now. political fallout capital's guests include lindsey graham and alisa cummings. here in california, we have several state-wide propositions that are getting voters' attention. >> both parties are reaching out before they head to the polls. >> this election is very, very important. >> reporter: that's one point we can all agree on.
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the rest of it from propositions to the president, not so much. that's why the california democratic party set up a day of action today going door to door to educate voter on the issue. >> you go out and say it's important, i should know the issues and i think it's e ffective. >> reporter: it's a strategy the republicans are employing too. >> it's a combination of getting stuff in the mail and seeing things on tv and the direct contact that brings the deal home. >> we spoke with a lot of people on the street who have not made up their mind. >> i'm still reading on some of the propositions. >> reporter: most people don't. >> i think it's actually rude and bad when people are trying to sway you. it's a personal opinion. and i think everyone is entitled to that. >> i feel like i'm intelligent enough that i can make up my
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own mind. >> door to door campaigning won't end soon. >> it does improve turnout, for now, we're stuck with this system. we'll see what the system holds. >> people like to be asked for their vote. >> that is right. you don't like to be told t hings. they like someone saying can you or will you vote that way. but when it comes to your home and you're talking about k nocking on your front door, we followed the folks around for about 1/2 hour and nobody a ctually answered their door. >> that's america today. >> yep. >> send it on an app. >> the taliban's effort to silence a 14-year-old girl has done the exact opposite. hundreds of schoolgirls are rallying behind her. they admit to shooting the girl 5 days ago in pakistan. the teen was attacked for h elping other girls go to s
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chool. she was shot in the head but is recovering. leaders and thousands in pakistan expressed outrage over the attack. a clayton couple managed to get out when their home went up in flames. a car caught fire in the garage and spread throughout the house, but nobody was injured. an arrest has been made in a series of arsons in san jose. a spring of suspicious fires began in september. yesterday investigators stalking out the air say they caught a 56-year-old woman in the act of catching a large garbage can on fire. california gas prices are still sky high, but they are coming down a bit. it's $4.56 in san jose and in
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oakland, $4.60, that comes from and it says they're 11-cents less than a week ago. today game one of the national league championship series happens in san francisco. a lot of giants fans excited this morning. the giants taking on the st. louis cardinals. yesterday the two teams held several practice sessions and they're anticipating a big up tick in customers and fans say it feels good around town. >> doing great things for san francisco, you can see, out and about and to bring it home, we have a good 7-games ahead of them. >> games one and two will be played in san francisco and games 6-7 if it's up for that level. tonight's game gets underway,
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tomorrow's game at 5:07. the news is not that good where it could be longer for the city starts to experience any of the benefits from another hockey season. the player lookout at the nhl is now nearly a-month-old and while negotiations may start up again tuesday, the two sides negotiated last week, they only focused on secondary issues like drug testing and now how to divide up the money. that includes the entire preseason and the first regular season. the pressure is on president obama to do well in this week's debate. that's an understatement. >> just ahead, we're going to preview as we speak with former san francisco and state a ssemblyman willie brown on what both sides need to do and what is at stake.
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the latest on space shuttle endeavour's crawl to its home in los angeles. we're starting out foggy but we'll end sunny. we'll talk about that and have a look at a warmer week ahead after the break. the space e endeavour is now about to reach its final ,,,,
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>> going to be a nice day in the bay area ,,,,,,,,,,
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destination. this is a live picture of te shuttle movi the space shuttle is about to reach its final destination, it was supposed to arrive at 9 p.m. you're looking live now in los angeles, you can see it's still making its slow crawl down that residential street, expected to arrive at the california
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science museum at expedition park in about the next hour. the endeavour ran into hurdles through the trip of angels, the rig carrying the shuttle had to undergo maintenance, there was lot of physical obstacles like building edges in trees. it came within inches of these things. a very challenging move there for the space shuttle. it's going torbay to be arriving within the next hour. we have a lot of thingings going on in our neck of the woods. the space shuttle suffering delays. can you imagine? it is nothing to do with weather. >> i can understand, the airport gets slowed down, there's some fog and the temperatures are. >> water. they were in the 40s and now in the 50s. you look at the runners out
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there, not a bad day for a bit of a run this early morning with temperatures on the mild side. 59 in san jose and 59 in c oncord. in the headlines this morning, starting out with fog and c louds. we'll get sunshine later in the day. it will be near 90 degrees inland. first we'll have to dispense with the fog and the low clouds offshore and with that, the low pressure moving into the northwest is going to knock down the high pressure a bit over the next 24 hours. we'll give it a few hours. fog near the shoreline. temperatures in the 50s and looking ahead. things are going to start as you can see right here on the future cast, fog filling in around the bay, as time goes
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on, pulls back midday and a few high clouds coming in from the trough overhead that serves to disrupt the marine layer a bit. on the pinpoint forecast, heading out of the bay area, 85 at sacramento and at fresno. 71 at monterey and going to tahoe, 70 degrees is going to be nice. if you are really heading out, tomorrow will be mostly sunny. tomorrow up to 25 degrees, high about 72 degrees and the low overnight 61 tonight. heading eastward, new york, partly cloudy skies and 57, denver has sunny skies and down in the south land, 88 degrees for los angeles. 77 degrees at santa rosa and 79 at fairfield for today. 80 for livemore. in the extended forecast, we'll look for things to warm up as we head towards the end of the
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week with numbers by thursday nudging 90 degrees and warming the bay area. phil mentioned back during the reagan administration, he said, you know, he was a big man on campus, he said it's nice to be important, but it's important to be nice. here are three of the nicest guys i know. what are entering a crucial phase of the presidential campaign with president obama and mitt romney running neck in neck. did the debate on thursday have any significant impact on the race? joining us now is willie brown and california republican party chair tom. well, let's throw it out. >> that's the way in which he
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responded. he was so good. he vanquished it and made him smaller. you get analytical. this is a race for the independence in the swing s tates. the people are independent because they don't like partisanship. he was way to partisan, l aughing, sneering, that doesn't help women voters, the story since the debate has been about the attitude and all of the gas or the lie about libyan s ecurity. >> i think joe biden had to demonstrate he was superior to international relations. the person conducting that interview asked questions, it was clear that joe biden was far superior to paul ryan. >> my take away in talking to
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people is that it reinforced what you dealt going on. if you were inclined to go democratic, you said ryan pretty much held his own. the focus is going to be on tuesday's night. we go back to the top of the ticket. you advice last time for mitt romney to come out swinging and knock the president off of his game. he did that. what do you think is going to happen this time? >> he has to continue literally that process, i think he has to demonstrate he was superior in the first debate, mr. obama has to crawl out of a very deep h ole. >> he's going to be facing a town hall setting. he's not very good on his feet. >> we'll see, i don't know about that. i agree with the mayor, what he has to do is to continue to move ahead. he should get more specific in
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certain areas and talk about keystone pipeline and why we have gas prices. >> he has to provide new a nswers, not new in change, but emphasize different things. >> tuesday's debate, rather than one on the last debate was so tied up in numbers and in the weeds, i don't think most of the public understood but they were paying attention to how they were saying it. this debate, they could be asked about immigrations, they could be asked about gay marriage and a variety of issues that are going to take a different tact. >> maybe, but again, he has to push forward and has to have answers. what i meant was he has, obama is ready for last debate, he has to forge ahead and make obama react to the new issues. >> what does the president have to do? >> he has to show that he has the skills or the ability to exchange with a person who is
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really present pressing and pressing hard and he has to do so in a presidential way. not just the usual theory way. >> what was lacking in his presidential performance this last time? >> energy. knowledge, interest. he looked bored. completely. he looked indifferent. he didn't listen. he didn't respond to the misallegations made by m r. romney. he has to be able to do all of that in a setting while at the same time maintaining his superior personal relationships with the people. >> look, it reminded me of bush looking at the watch like he didn't want to be there. how do you feel like our p roblems today? when he goes into this new town hall setting, he has to do what the mayor says and relate to
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the pertinentsing person answering the question and respond to what romney says. >> you get around town quite a bit from doorman to m illionaires, you get around quite a bit as well. people's reaction, when you asked about the debate, was it on substance or style? it matters how you talk to people. people want to like the people and think that the person likes them. the president didn't do well. i didn't think biden did either. >> they want to know if you can work together and not sneer at
7:51 am
them. >> biden's duty and responsibility was a little different. >> that's true. >> okay. the base of the democratic party was so down as a result of the poor performance by the president. biden needs to uplift them and he did so. when we come back in our next segment, we're going to talk about how it worked or didn't work. can we really believe them? meanwhile, back to ann. there are 20 thousand womene on the streets of san ,,
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7:53 am
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francisco right now. it's the nike women s maratn to raise money for the leuka and lymphoma society. the race kicked off this ho. rgest it is the nike women's marathon. they raise money for the lymphoma society. it kicked off about an hour ago. the world's largest marathon
7:55 am
for women started at union square, runners go through and end at the great highway by golden gate park. women who finish get a bracelet from tiffanies. >> nice. a bay area teenager has a closet like no other filled with thousands of pieces of clothing to give away. this week's jefferson award winner. like many teenagers, laura is hung up on fashionable clothes. >> i learned that small things can become big things. >> reporter: the 16-year-old jr. collects donated clothes through her nonprofit and is giving away more than 5000 pieces of clothing to teenagers in the last year. >> there's teens cleaning out their closet and the parents say find a home for these or
7:56 am
donate. >> reporter: the idea for one closet started during a conversation at home. her dad was talking about a friend getting ready to adopt a teenager. she realized she could help. >> i thought like i live in o akland, i can do something about this. >> reporter: in early 2011, she organized a program to donate. >> the major one, they donated so much. and i was like, wow. this is crazy. >> it's like really heavy. >> since founded, she worked with about 15 high schools to collect and distribute clothing for low-income kids at the boys and girls clubs throughout the east bay. >> they were so happy.
7:57 am
don't really have a lot. someone willing to give to me. it helps a lot. judy reed, director of the boys and girls club says that the donations clothes students with confidence. >> it help helps them get out of bed and tackle school with an i-can attitude. >> and she can wear a sense of pride. >> it seems improbable that something like that could happen from one person. >> reporter: this week's j efferson award goes to laura graham. >> if you have someone to
7:58 am
nominate for a local hero, go to and jefferson awards to find the nomination form. it is a sky dive like no one has attempted. the latest on one man's effort to make a leap into the record books. a bay area man does the unthinkable. we'll be right back san francisco baseball fans ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the playoffs today. and a contest of a much different kind... mitt romny and president obama, headinr round two of their series of debates. and the contest of a much different kind that president obama and mitt romney as they head for round two of debates. give it enough time and we'll be near 90 degrees by the end of the week. that is right. the time is now 8:01. and we're having a great day so far. >> this is true. we have some lively characters in studio, the chairman of the
8:02 am
republican party and former major willie brown hashing it out on politics. >> we're looking at the latest round of polling. the question is, if everything is in the margin of error, how much is what we're seeing, he's ahead and he's ahead, is real and is hype as we go into the debate. today is game one of the national league championship series and it happens right in san francisco at at&t park. >> huge day for sports around the area. >> the giants take on the st. louis cardinals. they held separate practice sessions on the field yesterday. they are anticipating an up tick in customers and fans say it feels good around town. >> doing great things for san franciscoing you can see out and about and for these guys
8:03 am
to do what they did, they have a good game ahead-them. >> games one and two will be held in san francisco. tonight's game gets underway at 5:15 and tomorrow at 5:07. no it could be a while l onger before the city of san jose benefits from another nhl season. the lockout now a-month-old. negotiations could start again on tuesday. the two sides negotiated last week but only focused on secondary issues like drug t esting and not on the key question like revenues.
8:04 am
luckily no one was injured. >> and an arrest has been made in the series of arsons in san jose. the string of fires like this one began in september. yesterday investigators staked out an area and caught a 56- year-old woman in the act of setting a large garbage can on fire. it it was all in the same area in the burbank district. a 69-year-old woman was shot twice during a confrontation with police. officers say they tried to pull her over in rio vista yesterday morning. she backed up her truck into the squad car and drove off. officers followed and she tried to hit them again. that's when officers fired. she was taken to the hospital, treated and released and a
8:05 am
rrested. a judge will rule tomorrow on whether a man with stand trial on 7 felonies, max wade is accused of stealing a $200,000 lamborghini. he is also charged with a ttempted murder for shooting at a mill valley couple. mitt romney plans to practice today in boston. romney spent four days c ampaigning in the state of ohio and at a rally, he told the crowd he sees the enthusiasm growing. his campaign announced a f und- raising milestone. four million people have donated to the president's re- election effort. you can watch the second debate here on cbs 5. coverage starts
8:06 am
at 6:00, the debate will be a town hall format and going to allow people to ask questions about foreign and domestic policy. gas prices in california are still very high. but they are coming down a little bit. here's the current average for a gallon of regular unleaded. it is 4:56 in san jose. and 4.60 in oakland. says they're 11- cents less than a week ago. >> that's interesting, they go up fast and slow to come back down. >> and so many excuses from the oil companies as to why that is. meanwhile, it's a stunt so dangerous, nobody has tried it before. >> the latest in the efforts to plunge into a world record. and in the weather department, starting out with
8:07 am
fog and clouds close to the bay and extending inland. we'll talk about it after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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beginning with low
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overcast, the numbers in the 50s. 23459 san jose and the forecast in a minute. [ male announcer ] the first look...i the beginning. ♪ ♪ introducing a stunning work of technology. ♪ introducing the entirely new lexus es. and the first ever es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection. [ male announcer ] why not talk to someone who owns an adjustable version of the most highly recommended bed in america? ask me about my tempur advanced ergo. goes up. goes up. ask me what it's like to get a massage anytime you want. goes down. goes down. [ male announcer ] tempur-pedic brand owners are more satisfied than owners of any traditional mattress brand. ergonomics. [ male announcer ] tempur-pedic. the most highly recommended bed in america. [ female announcer ] for more information or to find a retailer near you,
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visit today.... by breaking the sd barrier. felix baumgartner... or "fearless felix"... will attempted the jump out a hor a man is going to try to break the sound barrier. fearless felix is planning a 2 3-mile dive. that's three times the height that a jet liner flies. he's expected to hit a speed of about 690 miles per hour. his high-tech suit will protect him from the shock wave. the previous record was set by an american military vet. if successful, he will be the
8:11 am
first sky diver to break the sound barrier. >> that's something you can carry around with you. this guy takes the cake for ambitious. by the way, chuck broke the sound bareyer at the air force base on this day. the temperatures in the 50s this morning, temperatures are warmer, about 10 degrees warmer than yesterday morning because of the fog and the low clouds hanging around out there. and those will dissipate later in the day. and then we look for a warmer week ahead. in the meantime, 59 in oakland. 57 degrees at sfo and talking about fog, there's the view,
8:12 am
foggy start to sunday. sunshine, warmer near 90 degrees inland by midweek. and so we look for a warming trend. temperatures now will recover to about 80 degrees, that's fairly warm. low pressure heading in. showers now over vancouver island. the trough comes through with a high clouds later in the day. about that will mix out the marine layer. temperatures around where they were yesterday. so fog and then sun and that's just the bay area all over for you. low clouds, temperatures in the 50s. here's the future cast, the model of how the atmosphere will behave. low clouds coming in later in the night. so it will be more of the same, the usual low clouds in the morning and sun in the a fternoon. heading to sacramento, 85 degrees, 71, let's do it for the numbers back in the bay a
8:13 am
rea. in san jose, we'll hit m id- 70s. 80 at morgan hill. out in the far east, the numbers edge 80 degrees. 79 at pleasanton and at dublin. after the fog this morning, 53 at the bay and as we look into the future. temperatures warming between now and thursday by then, warmest readings will be in the 90s and will continue all the way into next weekend. that's the discussion of the weather, a discussion of the world now with three gentlemen. well, on tuesday, president obama and mitt romney will face off on the second of the three debates and the stakes are high with national polls showing that the race is essentially tied. joining me now is willie brown, former mayor and the chairman of the republican party who i think are the best handicappers
8:14 am
in the state. do you buy the polls? >> no, i don't buy the polls. i never did when i served in public office. i had them for instructional purposes but not to decide. it could give me an idea on how to move things a little bit, but not win or lose. >> do you get a feeling in this campaign it's being poll driven? they are testing the positions and trying to deliver them now? >> look, campaigns do that all the time. i look at polls to see trends, if they move in a decided direction, i believe like we have now, i believe there is that direction. most of the polls prior to the last debate use the 2008 turnout model or democrats and
8:15 am
republicans. i don't think the republican message being sent by romney and ryan attracts democrats as such. but they energize republicans beyond belief. obama in his administration has not energized their c onstituents. they have not played to it. biden's performance was playing to the constituents, not persuade new voters. >> as you start out with america pretty much divided, democrats and republicans and it becomes a question of turning out your vote and getting a marginal few undecided in the category. >> i wrote an article called the divided era, we have the major set of division. the winner of the race is the person that convinces enough independence that he has a plan
8:16 am
to move forward. not an idealology, but a practical solution. if you have gas prices, you either build keystone or not. that's how he wins it. >> obama has an advantage, because the new voters are there in the last cycle, 2008, obama turned out, voters turned out in greater numbers among young people, more than they ever had before. it was phenomenal what occurred. he needs to reenergize that group. he needs to reignite that group and he would not have to worry about anything else if he does that. >> do you get the feelings that the campaigns are geared towards that? >> where you see romney, he's in good place, they pick up the momentum. what we were talking about earlier, romney needs to keep pushing ahead and forging
8:17 am
ahead, he can't sit on it. he has to provide additional solutions, if romney sits on a lead or plays like obama did, that would be a mistake. leadership moves forward. >> if you say what you're doing to do, that can bring in the attacks. right? >> that's true. he has to do it. >> that can fuel the other side. in this case, it is really about whether or not the obama operation which was incredibly superior in 2008, the ground campaign was unbelievable. >> i remember that. >> if they can do that again, it won't matter what romney does. it won't matter what message comes out, it will be that group of people that went from door to door, . >> if they continue to have
8:18 am
this rally, teleprompter, funs razor trips they have where it's all about money and tv, it could go the other way? >> unless there's a hidden infrastructure on the grass r oots side that is going on. i don't currently see it. you can see it in nevada, in colorado where it's needed. they're doing okay on that ground operation in ohio. >> is it won or lost on the ground? >> usually is. but it's the intensity gap, the republicans are far more into this race. from the democrats and it's an information gap from the republican, you lack intensity and you lack specifics. >> i just said, look, he has to keep the momentum up. >> i have to thank you for g etting in here early and g etting past. >> we're trapped here for the rest of the week. we'll see election night.
8:19 am
>> back to you, ann. i think we should have a town hall-style debate with these guys. coming up, we have a college basketball event in which the starting player is not on the team. bay area's remarkable a ccomplishment ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:20 am
8:21 am
former television host gary collins has died. he was taken to a hospital in bilo, mississippi late friday nig. doctors there say he died of natural causes. gary collins has passed a way. he was taken to the hospital in mississippi saturday night. he died of natural causes. during the '80s, he was host of hour magazine and home show. he hosted a miss american pageant. he was 74.
8:22 am
with so much attention focused on the presidential r ace, the battle for control of the house and senate has kind of been overshadowed. >> we sat down , we asked about the change in capitol hill? >> looks like now that the house is going to remain in republican hands and the senate is going to remain in democratic hands. >> house leader nancy pelosi was in town this week and talking up the idea that they were going to retake the house and that it came through california. >> she talked about retaking the house and that's not going to happen. analysts say that the drive to 25 is not going to happen. the house will remain in republican control. >> and the senate will remain -- >> in democratic control
8:23 am
largely because of the comments of the congressman in missouri about forcible rape. >> what do we get? a we get a gridlock? >> four more years of gridlock. if both of these parties, the republicans and the democrats don't move towards the center. largely the same characters in charge. where is the compromise coming from? where are the two parties, the two forces are butting heads, where does it come together? >> i don't understand is what the is the line in the sand? we are talking fractions of i nches here, it's not as though they're advocates, they both do different forms of bailout and speakings out of both sides of the mouth when it comes to wall street and neither has a clear answer for any of america's
8:24 am
problems. >> they're rooted in their their b ases. we have four more years of people shouting at each over. one more look at the top stories coming up. a bay area man does the unthinkable. the prize he won for that shot of a lifetime. today the san franci get sleep train's very best mattresses at the guaranteed lowest price. plus, pay no interest for 3 years on the best brand-name mattress sets. get your best rest ever from sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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open the national league cham here a look at the top s tories. the and fran -- the first game against the st. louis cardinals starts at 5 :17 this evening. they're excepting a sharp up tick in business. this morning, the space shuttle endeavour is
8:26 am
approaching its final destination . there's been a few problems along the way as the shuttle moves through the streets. it's supposed to arrive at 9:00. >> it is delayed. >> and as brian tells us, it's power for the course. >> that's the only way to end. a little built behind schedule. this morning, starting out with fog and low clouds, fog inland, but nevertheless recovering to the 70s. not a bad day. temperatures in the 60s. extended forecast, looking for things to warm up as we hit midweek and we'll keep it warm through next weekend. very lovely. and by the way, we continue the news on cw.
8:27 am
we'll go there. face the nation is coming u p. we've been talking about this all morning, the proud owner of a new car after the unbelievable basketball shot. here's the footage. it's youtube video from the midnight madness event. amazing shot. >> if you have a toyota, you up staged him. thank you for joining us. >> and again, face the nation coming up next on cbs 5 and we're going to cable 12. enjoy your sunday. xxxx 89 before 7:30am *call x8686 after 7:30am report for sunday morning, x sunday am (7:30 30 a.m producer: kvp director: huggins sunday am - first hr on cbs 5 discrep: reason: =============== factual / editorial errors: technical problems: execution errors: editorial errors: technical problems: execution errors: ==,,,,
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at the guaranteed's lowest price.attresses plus, pay no interest for 3 years on the best brand-name mattress sets. get your best rest ever from sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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